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PSIVirtual One-Way™

PSIVirtual One-Way™ offers you an on-demand, recorded interviewing solution. Job candidates simply record their responses to your questions and then your internal team can review, evaluate and share the recordings at your convenience. PSIVirtual One-Way™ is the perfect complement to the award-winning live solution.

Ideal For

  • Narrowing down a large talent pool
  • Screening customer-facing positions
  • Giving candidates an opportunity to bring their resume to life
  • Improving efficiency of high-volume hiring
  • Enhancing convenience for multiple hiring managers
  • Providing a “first look” at candidates before live interviews
PSIVirtual One-Way™

PSIVirtual One-Way™ Breakdown


  • Powerful, secure and easy-to-use technology
  • Customizable scheduling and notification settings
  • Create questions or choose from our pre-populated bank
  • Invite candidates to participate individually or via group
  • Upload resumes, cover letters, references and profile links
  • Review interviews with total control
  • Candidate lists can be entered or uploaded
  • Record a customized video intro for each position (optional)
  • Share candidate recordings internally


  • Reduces travel costs
  • Increases talent pool and removes geographic boundaries
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Creates scheduling efficiencies for internal teams
  • Improves experience for recruiters, hiring pros, candidates
  • Strengthens your employer brand (custom-branded platform)
  • Improves HR’s performance and process
  • Provides a sustainable and eco-friendly recruiting model