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If seeing is believing, video interviewing is revolutionizing how we hire. Interactive, collaborative and intuitive for users, our platform allows hiring managers and recruiters to assess skills, gauge culture, interview a broader pool of applicants and build employer brand immediately.

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PSIVirtual Interview™

Attracting a global workforce with the same old tools isn’t working. Source, screen, interview, collaborate and hire the candidates of today with the click of a button. Put assessment results, interview notes, resume information and the power of conversation right at your team’s fingertips.

Build an Unparalleled
Employer Brand

Build a better brand with custom branded video interviewing portals, individualized welcome messaging and the ability to hold open interviews for your hardest to fill positions. While all these branding options get job seekers excited about your company, nothing compares to the easier, more efficient (and faster) hiring process they experience when your hiring team uses video interviewing with PSIVirtual Interview™.

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