In an ideal world every salesperson would close new business, every customer service representative would delight their clients, and every new leader would engage their team and drive results. In an ideal world, every new hire would excel at their job.

However, the only way for every new hire to succeed in their role, would be for recruiters and hiring managers to know with absolute assurance which candidates are going to be successful. For decades, this has been an impossibility…UNTIL NOW.

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PSI True-to-Life™ Assessments immerse candidates in the challenges they’ll encounter on the job. Across a wide range of scenarios and settings, these online situational judgment tests virtually place candidates in the role for which they’re applying, before you hire them – empowering you to see firsthand whether they succeed or fail at the job.

  • Looking to hire a salesperson?  PSI True-to-LifeTM Assessments put your sales candidates in the role of a salesperson positioning new offerings, uncovering implicit needs, and aligning solutions with the needs of their client.  Through a highly engaging and interactive process, candidates play the role of the salesperson in real time, navigating the complexities inherent to effective selling and dealing with different prospects and clients to create, advance and close business.
  • Want to hire a call center representative who effectively addresses customer needs, identifies upselling opportunities when appropriate, and is efficient with their time? PSI True-to-Life™ Assessments immerse your candidates in the role of a customer service representative, dealing with upset customers, resolving issues, and empathizing with the client as they effectively address their every need.

Accurate, Defensible, Engaging, and Easy to Use, PSI True-to-Life™ Assessments are modular and completely scalable. Whether you’re looking to assess 10 candidates, 10 thousand, or 10 million, PSI True-to-Life™ Assessments are available to your candidates immediately, and reporting is instantaneous.

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