Leadership Training includes standard courses that have been developed to address some of the most common developmental needs for supervisors, managers, and leaders of all levels and types.

PSI training is unique in its practical, bottomline approach.  Each workshop has been designed to emphasize steps and techniques, not theories.  In addition, we take care to address likely challenges to effective execution and application and offer solutions suited to organizational realities.  Finally, our content is based on insights and perspectives of leaders and executives in addition to research, theory, and best practice.

Our current offerings include:

  • Coaching and DevelopmentLeadership Training - outlined
  • Enhancing Your Own Performance and Career: Personal Development Strategies
  • Managing and Evaluating Performance
  • Presenting Feedback
  • Confronting Problems
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Building Trust
  • Managing Stress and Workload
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Team Building with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Using and Interpreting the General Personality Survey (GPS) for Selection and Development
  • Understanding the Executive Role
  • Interviewer Training
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