The psychologist interpreted assessment is an in-depth individual assessment that consists of highlighting a person’s strengths and limitations typically with respect to a target level, role, or job.  Multiple assessments are used (including at times an interview). The scores are interpreted by an industrial psychologist who explicitly considers both the job and context in preparing the narrative report and in identifying the likelihood of success. In-depth individual assessments are often used in selecting for key roles where the impact will be significant and the candidates are often difficult to contrast and compare.

Advantages of the approach include:

  • The breadth of competencies and characteristics measured. All significant characteristics are taken into account – intellectual resources, personality characteristics, preferences, and interests.
  • The inherent emphasis placed on fit with the role, context, and/or level. The report is customized to the situation, the job, the company, the team, and the role.

The objectivity of the assessment process.  In most cases, leadership candidates offer many strengths and present their qualifications persuasively. The in-depth individual assessment provides a common metric that can be used to compare candidates with varying backgrounds and expertise.

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