Automated Management Assessment Profile (AMAP):

The Automated Management Assessment Profile (AMAP) includes PSI’s cognitive, non-cognitive, and situational judgment components.  The AMAP is based on a customizable universal competency model, and provides an in-depth competency-based feedback report suitable for selection or development.

The  AMAP is one of the few assessment suites on the market today that is supported by criterion-related validity evidence for leaders and executives.  Those who score higher on AMAP have been shown to perform significantly better in leadership/executive roles than those who have lower AMAP scores, and higher scorers also achieve more rapid career progress as measured by salary growth.

The PSI competency model includes:

  • Communicating & Influencing
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Motivating & Developing
  • Making Decisions
  • Leading By Example
  • Managing Resources
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Planning & Executing
  • Results Orientation
  • Innovation
  • Business Acumen
  • Collaboration & Teamwork

The competencies can, however, be customized.

Desktop Assessment Center (DAC)

Email is an integral part of today’s workplace. The Web-based Inbox simulation provides a realistic and efficient means of delivering customizable assessment exercises that measure a variety of important management competencies. PSI’s highly trained assessors evaluate candidate responses to the exercise and produce a competency-based report, custom written for each candidate. The combination of web-delivery and report services makes PSI’s Desktop Assessment Center a turnkey assessment solution.

  • PSI Desktop Assessment Center Inbox (can be modified to fit any assessment center exercise): The participant is given the inbox of a predecessor, which must be analyzed, managed, and executed within a specific length of time. The contents typify issues often found in the inbox at the specified role level in terms of variety, complexity and volume. For example, letters and email reports relating to customer complaints, staffing issues, products, health and safety, projects, administrative, and personnel organizational issues.
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