To begin, PSI Industrial-Organizational psychologists typically work closely with the client to discuss/identify the key competencies and characteristics needed for success. We then select the tests and measures that will best evaluate fit given the client’s context, culture, requirements, and expecations.

After the evaluation is completed, we quickly deliver to you a customized report detailing the candidate’s strengths, limitations, and suitability for the role.  PSI psychologists are always available for follow-up discussions – to clarify the report, discuss the candidate’s developmental needs and potential, and to provide support regarding candidacy decisions.

  • Psychologist-interpreted Assessments – We provide hands-on, psychologist-interpreted assessment reports, perfected over 65 years. Various reports are available, and tailored to purpose (e.g., selection v. development) and need (a quick overview v. indepth review).  All of the reports are readily customizable and designed to provide our clients with valuable information on job-relevant traits, characteristics, and capabilities.
  • Automated Assessments – PSI also has a completely automated version of the assessment process developed by combining scientific results with configurable technology, and leveraging our experience and expertise in test interpretation. The result is a comprehensive report of leadership potential and competence that is immediately available.


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