Leadership - man and lady outlinedLeaders and executives rarely receive honest feedback – their coworkers and colleagues often do not understand the intricacies of their unique responsibilities nor do they typically observe day-to-day performance.  As a result, it is often difficult for leaders to identify how they can best enhance their effectiveness and impact – and the challenge is even greater for c-suite executives.

PSI serves as a facilitator in the process of performance review.  We are, after all, experts in performance management, evaluation, and feedback – we understand what to present and how to present it, even to those serving in high profile and high impact roles.  We typically gather the information through interviews with colleagues, whether direct reports, peers, or Board members.  We then structure and compile the information to represent the varying perspectives, reconcile significant differences, and shift the focus to the themes that best describe and determine performance effectiveness.  Finally, we meet with the leader or executive to review the feedback report, identify goals and priorities, and discuss next steps.  The process provides consistency in a message that is often clouded by differences in perspective, and honesty in communication where spin is often far more common.

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