Coaching consists of a partnership and individualized development process intended to help individuals enhance performance and/or reach potential as quickly and effectively as possible.  Coaching is used to help executives, leaders, and high potentials build upon their strengths, overcome obstacles, transition into new roles, and/or capitalize on opportunities.

PSI’s approach to coaching varies from the traditional “one size fits all” approach in the following ways:Coaching photo - outlined

  • Emphasis placed on company culture and expectations – we take into account the context in addition to the objective.
  • Customization of steps and techniques – our coaches modify the approach, developmental technique, and process to best suit each participant’s needs and each organization’s objectives.
  • Practical approach to development – we believe in and focus on developmental opportunities that are clearly a part of the job; participants acquire new skills through experiential learning.
  • Amount of time spent on the initial information gathering phase and feedback component – our clients tell us that the most valuable part of the process is the detailed, objective, and honest feedback provided.
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