Project Implementation Services

PSI provides expert project services to Design, Develop and Deploy a scalable and maintainable Talent Management solution to meet the flexible needs of organizations of all sizes. Projects are designed either as stand-alone single solutions, projects that augment existing implementations, or comprehensive projects. Our HR-XML compliant integration capability ensures the leveraging of your ERP investments and the ongoing success of your human capital management program.

Design: Analyze and determine optimal mix of PSI and existing customer and/or 3rd-party assessments to provide talent assessment. Determine all scheduling and administration needs. Determine all software development and integration needs. Create final process document encompassing turnkey specifications.

Develop: Extend current ATLAS® functionality (through configuration), develop new tests and create integration and reports as required according to specifications.

Deploy: Through a train-the-trainer program, transfer the operational aspects of ATLAS® to the customer. PSI will provide a hosted Software-as-a-Service solution on a single code-base, multi-tenant system. PSI provides a Call Center and Help Desk for ongoing support.

Psychometric and Consulting Services

PSI provides a broad range of Psychometric Services and Consulting Services to enhance your Talent Management efforts. Our team of experienced psychologists provides expertise in areas including:

  • Test Development
  • Item Authoring and Banking
  • Job Simulations
  • Competency Modeling
  • Job Analysis
  • Validation Studies
  • Program Evaluation and Optimization
  • Applicant Flow/EEO Analysis and Reporting
  • Legal Compliance Report

PSI psychologists are always available and ready to discuss your specific needs. We offer flexible services, whether the project is narrow, short-term, or long term.


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