Each employee contributes to an organization’s success. The Employee Aptitude Survey (EAS®) series provides a simple approach to discovering the abilities of your applicants or employees. The Employee Aptitude Survey test series predicts performance for occupational groupings throughout the organization — from entry-level to management — measuring cognitive, perceptual, and psychomotor abilities including reasoning, numerical, verbal, and spatial ability.

  • Consists of 10 individual tests
  • Multiple uses including pre-employment, promotional, training and development
  • Percentile norms for close to 100 occupational and educational classifications based on over 210,000 test scores
  • Custom norms can be developed for many job classifications
  • Can be used for most jobs ranging from entry-level to executive management

Additionally, PSI can develop supplemental local norms based upon your specific test battery and target job.

PSI offers several assessments that enable you to quickly focus on those candidates who have the most potential. Contact our expert staff to discuss your business objectives and design the strategy that will achieve results.

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