Interactive and Engaging Selection Processes that Captivate Your Candidates, and Mirror Your Brand

Candidates have a choice.  They can choose to work for you, be engaged, and perform at their best on a daily basis, or they can give their all to your competition.  Organizations that want to be in a position to choose from the best of the candidate pool need to present themselves as a leading edge employer who cares about their candidates.  Having an engaging selection process is the means to getting there.

PSI provides brief, dynamic and engaging selection processes that captivate candidates and make them want to work for you.

  • Fast assessments respect candidate time: Given the accuracy of our assessments, we are able to keep them brief and respectful of candidate time – in fact, for decades PSI assessments have been called “The most predictive assessments per minute” of candidate time.  Our modular process further ensures that candidates only test on content that is relevant to the target job and highly predictive of success.
  • Interactive and engaging assessments that mirror your brand: PSI assessments immerse candidates in the challenges they’ll encounter on the job.  As an employer, you get to see firsthand how effective each candidate is at navigating real world scenarios.  In essence, you get to see whether they’ll excel in a role with your company, before you hire them.  As a candidate, they’ll get to see what the job is really like, and whether it’s right for them.  Our PSI True-to-Life™ Assessments, in particular, are the leading edge of the assessment space and a significant advancement in the field vis-à-vis assessment content, technology, realism, and candidate engagement.

As a firm of more than 1,500 Industrial Psychology Ph.D.s, Psychometricians, IT developers, Project Managers, and Assessment Professionals, we deliver more than 2.5 million highly engaging and interactive assessments annually, that delight your candidates as you would your clients.

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