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Simply the most Accurate, Defensible,
Engaging, and Easy to Use
Selection Process Available

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Want Better Hires? Use a Better Interview.

PSIVirtual Interview™ - The Only Video Interviewing
Process Developed by a Selection Firm.

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Identify Leaders Who Engage
Their Teams and Drive Results.

Proven Leadership Processes Since 1946.

Solutions and Services

  • Assessments

    Accurate, Defensible, Engaging, and Easy to Use Online Pre-employment Tests that Drive Better Hiring Decisions

  • Video Interviewing

    Live and Record & Review Behaviorally Based Video Interviews that Identify Top Hires through an Engaging and Interactive Experience

  • Situational &  desktop simulations

    Situational Judgment Tests & Inbox Simulations - Immerse Candidates in the Challenges They'll Encounter on the Job and See Firsthand How They Perform

  • Consulting Services

    Job Analysis, Validation, Test Development, ATS Integration, & Project Management Services to Optimize Quality of Hire, Mitigate Risk, & Reduce Your Administrative Burden

  • Leadership Services

    Assessment, Coaching, Training & Development Programs to Enhance Performance and Identify Leaders Who Engage Their Teams and Drive Results     

  • test administration services

    Live and Remote Proctored Assessment Administration Across PSI Premier Test Centers, Kiosks Across the Globe, and Candidates' Homes & Offices

Your  Advantage

Better Hires,
Better Results

What Makes PSI Assessments So Accurate?

Less Risk

Ironclad Defensibility Since 1946


Less Administrative Burden

We Do the Work, You Get the Reward 


More Engaged Candidates

Interactive and Engaging Processes That Captivate Your Candidates, and Mirror Your Brand